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Twins [Saba and Zeba] secure equal marks in SSLC exams

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Vijayapura, 13 August 2020 [Fik/News Sources]: Twins from Tikota in Vijayapura achieved have achieved a rare feat.

In the SSLC examination result which was announced recently, they scored the same marks- 620/620. This is for the first time twins secured same marks in any state level public examination.

Saba and Zeba, twins of Liyakath Ali Mulla and Jahida Parwin are the one who achieved this. Both Mulla and Parwin are high school teachers.

What make this all the more interesting is the fact that the two have scored same marks in all the six subjects too.

They scored same marks in all the six subjects including 125/125 in the first language English, Kannada (100), Hindi (100), Mathematics (98), Science (99) and in social science they scored 98 marks.

The twins informed that they were studying for over 7 hours daily. "We studied together, discussing the subject," they informed.

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